Ruth-Ellen is a soulful singer / songwriter from South London and a member of the SXWKS collective, who has been pursuing her passion for music over the past four years. 2015 saw the release of Ruth-Ellen’s debut EP ‘Life’ with 7 inspirational songs, which she launched in March. ​ Growing up, listening to classic soul and gospel was a second nature. Other influences include a mixture of soul, hip hop, pop, jazz and contemporary music.

Over the last year, Ruth-Ellen has been experimenting with hip-hop instrumentals from producers such as JDilla and Evrl, singing original songs over them with a fresh melodic approach, showing off her big range and soulful tones. ​ Ruth-Ellen is happy to announce that her LP #BetweenTwoWorlds is OUT NOW and available to purchase on all major music download and streaming websites.

Ruth-Ellen recently released ‘Our Love’ – a track which sees Ruth-Ellen take listeners back to her experience with a previous love interest, where the typical “happily ever after” ending was noticeably absent. The striking and emotionally intense song was taken from Ruth-Ellen’s EP ‘Between Two World” which was released in February 2017. ‘Our Love’ is released alongside a spoken word version, with the talented Jana Leah providing an introspective outlook on Ruth-Ellen’s standout heartbreak track. An acoustic version has also been made available to stream and/or purchase.